Gardens can bring so much enjoyment to our lives. There is nothing more relaxing than a harmonious beautiful outdoor space. I can create the atmosphere you want – whether that be cottage garden, mixed borders, wildlife friendly or a more contemporary, minimalist style.


  • Thank you for transforming the garden! Sue Anello
  • Marilyn has been undertaken the garden design of both the front and back garden as well as the maintenance of my garden for 5 1/2 years.  She has a good knowledge of plants and considered my wishes to encourage more wildlife into the garden.  The success of her design is reflected in the many positive comments I receive from visitors.  As a novice to gardening, I have learnt a great deal through her direction. She is always quick to notice any infestations or plant health related problems and will act accordingly. Dr S Hinze

  • Marilyn has been coming to take care of my garden for about a year now. I used to do my own gardening though now I can't and that makes me quite particular and hard to please, but Marilyn has carefully and tactfully tended to all that was there and has advised me well about new planting and landscaping. Kate Sorabji
  • In 2015 we contacted Marilyn seeking her advice on rejuvenating the garden and discussed our ideas.  She listened to us and provided a plants list and mood boards with her suggestions.  Since then and up to the present time, May 2017 we have been in contact about other plants, shrubs, bulbs etc.  She has always been ready to advise us about what would be appropriate.  During this time she has encouraged and enthused us to really enjoy working in our garden again. Roger and Liz